Dwie dziewczyny w kaskach ochronnych z nadrukiem ERBUD.

Projects in 2022


Zdjęcie budynku.



Pracownik w stroju firmowym i kasku ochronnym z nadrukiem ERBUD.

Budget for social investment projects in 2022

1.29 mln

Zdjęcie grupowe dzieci w firmowych kamizelkach i kaskach ochronnych z nadrukiem ERBUD.

Revenue in 2022

3.9 mld

Zdjęcie dłoni z rysikiem wskazującej na tablett z wykresem finansowym.
Dariusz Grzeszczak, prezes zarządu Grupy ERBUD.

We are building the future today. We believe that the future is shaped by the decisions and actions we take today.

Dariusz Grzeszczak, President of the Management Board of the ERBUD Group
  • ERBUD Group
    ERBUD Group

    Welcome to the ERBUD Group. Thanks to more than 30 years of hard work and bold decisions, today we form the largest construction company in Poland that is not a part of international holdings. We are proud of what we have built and what we will build, how we did it and will do it, and who we had and have the pleasure to work with. We come from Toruń, but we employ people in many cities in Poland and countries in Europe.


  • Environment

    Starting from a sense of responsibility and a sustainable way of implementing our business activities, we are continuing and significantly developing (successfully doing so) the actions started in 2019 to implement the process of reducing the rate of negative climate change.


  • Social Responsibility
    Social Responsibility

    We create jobs for nearly 3,000 employees. Some have been working in our Group for decades, others are starting works on the construction site or in the office. The quality of our services and, to put it bluntly, the fate of our entire company depend on the quality of our workforce. We believe that employees create a competitive edge in the construction industry.


  • Corporate Governance
    Corporate Governance

    We know that for a company of the same size and scale as our Group to work well, it needs clear procedures, smart and respected policies and worthy codes bringing about a real change. These are the documents we create and their provisions apply to the entire organization, all employees and the chain of suppliers and business partners.