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It is said that a good business should stand on two feet. In the ERBUD Group, there are more than two. Many years ago we took the diversification of our activities very seriously, making us an organization resilient to market turbulence and ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Dariusz Grzeszczak, President of the Management Board of the ERBUD Group

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Structure of the capital group

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Zdjęcie panoramiczne budynku.

The ERBUD Group form companies specializing in various construction services. The scope of our projects includes construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, hydrotechnical construction, engineering and road construction, renewable energy, maintenance service for industry and the power sector as well as modular wooden buildings. 

Business segments

Modular constraction

This is environmentally friendly, 90 percent modular wooden construction. From modules – such as bricks – durable multi-story structures such as hospitals, academies, hotels or schools are erected, among others. 90% of the construction works are performed on the assembly line in the factory near Toruń, which extensively reduces the investment project time and allows to maintain the highest, repeatable quality.

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Residential, commercial and industrial buildings

We implement approximately 140 projects per year – from the most daring and demanding projects to the less daring, although still demanding ones. Investors who choose to work with ERBUD know that they can always count on the implementation of project as agreed, that is according to assumptions, on time and under full control. We offer construction from A to Z.

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Renewable energy and engineering construction 

We are a leader in the renewable energy sources sector in Poland and a leading provider of infrastructure for RES, in particular wind farms and photovoltaic plants. Several years of ONDE's experience has been gained by implementing projects varying in a scale and degree of complexity, and the effects are measured not only in MW, but above all in investors' trust.

Na pierwszym planie kwiat słonecznika, na drugim planie wiatrak energetyczny.

Construction and maintenance service for industry

It is a unique, comprehensive engineering service covering all stages of operation of various types of industrial and power facilities. The Company helps to develop the design, construct the facility, start up its equipment and perform the necessary service works afterwards.

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ERBUD SA is a parent company which began to create the history of our Group. Based on a family construction company located in the Toruń suburbs, we have established a strong Group implementing investment projects in the field of construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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ONDE SA builds mainly wind farms and photovoltaic farms, i.e. renewable energy sources. The company also specializes in road and engineering construction which, however, constitutes a much smaller part of ONDE's orders.

MOD21 Sp. z o.o.
Logo spółki MOD21 Sp. z o.o.

MOD21 Sp. z o.o. is a company specialized in modern, ecological modular construction using wood. The modern manufacturing plant is located in Ostaszewo, near Toruń.

MOD21 GmbH
Logo spółki MOD21 GMBH

MOD21 GmbH constructs enclosed buildings as well as engineering and power engineering facilities in Germany and Belgium.

JV WMER Matoc Sp. z o.o.

JV WMER Matoc Sp. z o.o. specializes in construction of civil and engineering structures commissioned by the US military stationed in Poland under international agreements. Such facilities are subject to US legislation and are characterized by stringent requirements.

ERBUD Industry Sp. z o.o.
Logo spółki ERBUD Industry Sp. z o.o.

ERBUD Industry Sp. z o.o. is involved in designing, modernization, construction, overhauls, permanent servicing of facilities, systems, equipment in the power sector, gas industry and mining industry.  

ERBUD Holding Deutschland GmbH
Logo ERBUD group.

ERBUD Holding Deutschland GmbH manages its own assets and acquires other entities. This is also a service provider for its subsidiaries and other foreign companies of the ERBUD Group. The company includes IKR GmbH and IVT Weiner + Reimann GmbH.

ERBUD International Sp. z o.o.

ERBUD International Sp. z o.o. performs contracts of the EPC contractor and subcontractor in Poland, whereas in foreign markets it specializes in core and shell construction works.

ERBUD Shared Services

ERBUD Shared Services is a company that provides accounting and HR services to the Group.

Relationship with the environment

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2022 was not an easy time in the construction market and the situation was far from stabilizing and the possibility of correctly forecasting of events. The cooling down of the market, reduction in housing investment, reduction in demand for construction materials and the outbreak of the war in Ukraine triggered a wave of speculation. We observed new phenomena in the market, such as offers valid for a week or 48 hours. At the same time, electricity prices increased even several times. Only in the fourth quarter of 2022 did the situation start to stabilize. Prices of construction materials stopped increasing and offers started to be valid for 2–4 months.

In the ERBUD Group, we came out of all these turbulences unscathed. In difficult moments our partnership relationships with suppliers, built over many years and based on solid foundations, paid off. Thanks to them, we were able to ensure continuity and timeliness of deliveries to our construction sites.

Stakeholder engagement

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In the ERBUD Group, we believe that the sustainability of each organization depends on taking into account the wider social and environmental interest, and the key to this is proper management of relationships with stakeholders. The map of our key stakeholders is made up of internal and external entities, both those that we influence and those that influence us.

Two companies forming the ERBUD Group are listed on the Stock Exchange – the standard in our group are activities meeting the requirements of Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2021, which emphasize the importance of a transparent and reliable information policy. 

Kobieta (po lewej) i mężczyzna (po prawej) uściskają dłonie.

Important stakeholdersof the ERBUD Group: 

  • employees
  • suppliers 
  • subcontractors 
  • clients (investors, ordering parties) 
  • financial institutions – investment funds, banks
  • stock exchange investors
  • media 
  • students/trainees/universities
  • entities supporting the Foundation 
  • local communities 

ESG strategy

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Hardly anyone in Poland knows as much about foundations as we do – we treat sustainable development as the foundation for the future of the ERBUD Group. We are aware of the impact we exert on the environment and we take into account the impact which the environment exerts on us. Sustainable development is an integral part of our business strategy and a direction to act in the future.

We are builders and we always act according to a plan. Therefore, we have prepared a strategic plan in the ERBUD Group "We build responsibly". Its main assumptions are as follows: 

  • we are supporting and promoting diversity in the construction industry – 20% of women in managerial positions
  • Gender gap pay 3%
  • We will increase the share of renewable energy in our energy mix to 20% by 2025
  • We are searching for solutions as part of the circular economy
  • We will implement solutions related to responsible value chain management
  • We are planning to achieve climate neutrality (NetZero) by 2030
  • We develop business focused on sustainable investments through, among others: RES, modular wooden construction, modernization of industry, green certificates.
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