Social responsibility

We are a large company, but we remember very much about our history and family roots – instead of corporate formalism, we focus on freedom of expression and action and people with real passion for their profession.

Dagmara Sobolewska, HR Director in the ERBUD Group 

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social responsibility section

About employees

We build with people and for people.

We create jobs for nearly 3,000 people. Some have been working with us for decades, others are starting works on the construction site or in the office. The quality of our services and, to put it bluntly, the fate of our entire company depend on the quality of our workforce. We believe that in the construction sector, the competitive edge is created by employees, so we appreciate competence and commitment. We have consistent remuneration policies and we support diversity in our teams.

  • ERBUD is one of the best employers in the world according to Forbes. We are included in the "World's Best Employers 2022" list published by the magazine. The ranking includes 800 companies worldwide, which were identified as the best employers in the world on the basis of surveys carried out on 150,000 employees from 57 countries. We are one of only 6 Polish companies in this global ranking, alongside PGNiG, PKN Orlen, KGHM Polska Miedź, Amica Group and Bank Pekao.

  • We are the first company in the construction industry that decided to enter the world of gaming and esport. In 2021, the company became the title partner of University Esports – EDU, the largest university Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends league. In order to reach technical students and graduates, we have merged the offline and gaming worlds. Its culmination was the CS:GO tournament "Battle for Koszyki" (Walka o Koszyki).

  • The football tournament of the Wolff&Müller Group in Denkendorf, combined with a summer picnic, was organized for all employees of the companies of the W&M Group to which the ERBUD Group also belongs. The competition was attended by 18 teams and matches were played from the morning to the evening in two groups on two small pitches of the TSV Denkendorf facility. The ERBUD team won the whole tournament!

  • We have been involved in the Humanites Institute’s "Two Hours for Family" campaign which was created in response to the ever-increasing problems associated with the crisis in people-to-people relations, including mainly family relations. We make the selected one working day per year shorter by two hours, giving employees symbolic additional time which they can spend with their family.


Construction is over, safety never.

Safety, safety and even more safety. We safely start the construction and safely complete it. Nothing is and will never be more important in our organization than ensuring the daily safe return of all our employees home. Compliance with the statutory OHS regulations is not enough for us – we have introduced our own occupational health and safety standards, which in many areas are much stricter than the top-down regulations. "Safe construction" is not a slogan for ERBUD, but a daily reality that we require from anyone who crosses the threshold of our investment project. The overarching objective of our OH&S activities is "zero heavy and fatal accidents" and guaranteeing safe working conditions for people and the external environment.

  • In the "Build Safely" regional competitions for 2022, we won five first places, four second places, one third place and three awards. Tomasz Kłos, one of our construction site managers, also received a special individual award. The organizer of the Build Safely competition is the National Labor Inspectorate, and the partner is the Agreement for Safety in Construction. The competition recognizes the above-standard actions for OHS.

  • In May, we held a Safety Week in our Group companies for the ninth time. It is a joint initiative of the largest EPC contractors in Poland that form the Agreement for Safety in Construction. The aim of the initiative is to educate and promote the principles of safe work. In 2022, the motto of the Safety Week was "Construction is over, safety never".

  • Since 2014, we have been operating in the Agreement for Safety in Construction, an association of 14 leading companies in the construction industry, which sets standards and solutions for safety. Together with the signatories, we organize Safety Week, an information campaign conducted on all construction sites belonging to the Agreement. Every year, thousands of employees participate in training sessions, workshops and demonstrations.

Employee development and well-being

Work is not all.

The protection of employees' physical health, as described in the Health and Safety section, is combined with well-being activities, which are intended to ensure the well-being of our workforce and create conditions for them to balance work and private life. We provide psychological support and encourage physical activity and care for the climate by, among others, financing long-term rental of bicycles. We established the ERBUD University in 2022, which comprehensively offers various types and forms of upskilling our employees.

  • Our university offers various and comprehensive types and forms of upskilling both during internal and external training. As part of the training conducted by internal coaches, we meet the objectives related to the sharing of knowledge acquired by long-term employees. As a result, we appreciate our internal experts and ensure consistency of activities and information flow between areas. We also provide a wide range of foreign language teaching.

    The main training programs implemented in 2022 are:

    • EY Manager Academy
    • Professionals for Professionals program
    • Site Manager Academy
    • Foreman Academy
    • Communication and digital transformation
    • Mowy ROK (development of communication skills)
    • Project Management PMI
  • We encourage our employees to ride a bike! In 2022, we organized the first edition of the Tour de ERBUD – a unique cycling event, where each kilometer traveled was worth PLN 10. The race was divided into sections and participants could choose loops of different lengths around Toruń or Warsaw, or travel a symbolic route from the company's first registered office to the present one. In total, almost 100 participants entered the Tour de ERBUD. Thanks to our cyclists, we transferred PLN 91,195 to the Foundation.

  • In 2022, together with our partner – Help Now – we organized a free evaluation of the condition of the entire body for our employees in Warsaw. 54 employees took part in the evaluation. Careful examination of a number of health parameters was supplemented with individual consultations with a physician, where the results were discussed and supported by expert advice on treatment and prevention.

  • We provide sports packages and the possibility to use many sports venues free of charge, including for relatives. We also offer additional funding for long-term rental of bicycles with year-round maintenance. In our German companies: IVT Weiner + Reimann GmbH and IVT Menzenbach GmbH, the company gym is popular among employees and once a week employees can also use physiotherapist services.


Diversity is our strength.

Our Group is made up of different nationalities, cultures, religions, degrees of fitness or views and orientations. This is excellent news for us. In our history we have seen many times that such diversity often determined our competitive advantage and allowed us to find better answers to everyday challenges. From a formal point of view, we have regulated these issues in the Diversity Management Policy – we commit to equal treatment, respect, appreciation and fair assessment of every employee.

Women from all employees of the group

20.2 %

Zdjęcie grupy kobiet omawiających plan projektu.

Representation of women in the management board

33 %

Zdjęcie kobiety w stroju firmowym ERBUD.

Women in managerial positions in the category of management board, directors, deputy directors

13.8 %

Zdjęcie dwóch kobiet omawiających plan projektu.

  • We believe that there is the same space for women at each construction site as for men, and understanding technical drawings does not depend on gender. We support women not only in the construction sector. In 2022, we became a partner in the report "Growing women's strength – women in the labor market" published by BIGRAM and THINKTANK. The authors pointed out, among others, that a greater participation of women in business management brings tangible benefits and women bring education, work, responsibility, good self-organization and empathy to the organization.

  • Together with the ERBUD Common Challenges Foundation we have published a unique series of books – "Klara buduje" (Klara builds) by Jakub Skworz and illustrated by Paulina Derecka. Can a woman be a site manager? The book "Klara buduje" shows that it is high time to allow girls to make their dreams come true in every field. It is a story of creating not only buildings, but also relations. Each volume is a separate, wise and enlightening story of Klara. The book was published in three language versions: Polish, German and Ukrainian, and recorded as an audio book.

  • It is a series of workshops for girls and their parents, promoting construction engineering and breaking stereotypes. The Copernicus Science Center is our partner and the event was organized under the auspices of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering. We arranged the workshop room as a construction site. Participants learned how to minimize the risk of a construction disaster, the composition of concrete, and constructed a large tower and built their own building structures of mini bricks. In the spring-summer series, we organized 9 workshops, involving over 130 girls, 70 parents and 3 boys.

  • We were the winner of the competition organized by the Polish ESG Association. We received a silver award in category S, that is innovation in the social area for a series of construction workshops for girls organized in cooperation with the Copernicus Science Center – "Young Forewomen".

    The project is innovative in the context of sustainable development, is aimed at equalizing opportunities in the construction sector, promoting diversity, and is an educational initiative addressed to local communities.

  • Agnieszka Głowacka,a vice-president of the ERBUD Group was ranked in 11th place by Puls Biznesu in the ranking "100 Business Women of 2022" in the category of companies with revenues of more than 50 million . She is the only representative of the construction sector in this prestigious list of the most entrepreneurial women in Poland. The commission also appreciated the involvement of Agnieszka Głowacka in social activities – she is a vice-president of the ERBUD Foundation and initiator "Young Forewomen" campaign conducted with the Copernicus Science Center and Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.

ERBUD Foundation Common Challenges

Fundacja wspólne wyzwania, zdjęcie grupy dzieci.

Every year as the Eryk Grzeszczak ERBUD Foundation Common Challenges we implement an increasing number of projects that are part of supporting our foster children in the process of becoming independent after leaving the Children's Home. Learning how to function independently in family, social, official and legal matters. Help finding a job, a place to live. Motivation and support in the field of education are fundamental issues in which we support our young people. 

We are helping young people and observing the tangible benefits of this support.

Fundacja wspólne wyzwania, zdjęcie grupowe dzieci wraz z prowadzącymi zajęcia.

An important aspect of the Foundation's work to make foster care children independent is the fact that the aid granted has not only individual but also social value. The Foundation helps young people to build their own lives. This prevents them from returning to the pathological environment from which they often come, or from entering into conflict with the law.

Foundation in numbers

Financed hours of private tuition for children


Fundacja wspólne wyzwania, trzy dzięwczyny przy laptopie.

Foster children


Zdjęcie kobiety w trakcie zajęć.

We raised more than pln 90,000 during the bicycle race


Zdjęcie kobiety przyglądającej się kwiatom.

  • More than 60 participants and more than a hundred supporters from all over Poland participated in the first round of sports competitions. The Olympics were attended by children from the children's homes in Chełmno and Unisław, Elbląg, Morąg, Ostrzeszów, Pasłęk and Zielonka. Participants competed in original individual and team competitions. The "Promyk Team" which won the Olympics was awarded the main prize, i.e. a holiday sports trip.

  • We organized a cooking workshop for children from children's homes in Sochaczew and Giżyce. We taught foster children to make to the world's best pierogies (dumplings), and the President of the Foundation, Lucyna Grzeszczak, cooked together with the children. The winning dishes were "ruskie" pierogies (cheese and potato dumpling), pierogies with feta cheese and spinach, and sweet pierogies with cheese.

  • Educational support for children in three key areas of science – mathematics, Polish and English languages. In addition, the "Dreamsy" program was a competition, whose winners went on a holiday trip to London for a "Language camp with Harry Potter and Rock stars". The children had the opportunity to visit such cultural places in the city. The trip was financed thanks to 1% donations and payments from companies.

  • In 2022, we took part in the WESTMINSTER CHARITY race with the participation of the largest foundations in Poland. During the event we were represented on the track by the horse "FREYA Z" with Kamil Grzybowski as a jockey. The pool of 10 prizes in the amount of PLN 60,000 was divided among 10 foundations that participated in the race. An additional attraction during the event was a special zone for children prepared by our Foundation.

  • Individual cooperation between the mentor and foster child. The objective is to help foster children become independent – the Foundation's mentors are employees of the ERBUD Group. A person aged 17 to 20 years who is in foster care may benefit from the program.

Help for Ukraine

Zdjęcie pracowników z flagą Ukrainy.

The total amount of support is over PLN 1.5 million.  The sum of PLN 200,000 was paid to the account of the Polska Akcja Humanitarna (Polish Humanitarian Action), we offered PLN 2,000 in assistance and a guarantee of employment to the employees of our Group with Ukrainian nationality, when they return from Ukraine. A special working group chaired by Lucyna Grzeszczak, the President of the ERBUD Foundation, and Józef Zubelewicz, a long-standing member of the ERBUD Board, was appointed to deploy the remaining funds. We carried out an information campaign in Ukrainian at the construction sites. We offered assistance to Ukrainians, among others, in financing accommodation, transport from and to the state border, including bringing family members to Poland. We declared full psychological support, in which our Foundation specializes for years, and legal assistance, including notarial.  

Zdjęcie pracowników z flagą Ukrainy.

We helped our Ukrainian neighbors

Total amount of support

1.5 million PLN

Zdjęcie dziewczynki z książką Klara Buduje w rękach.

Amount transferred to the Polish Humanitarian Action

200 TPLN

Zdjęcie dziewczynki z książką Klara Buduje w rękach.

Assistance for employees with Ukrainian nationality

2000 PLN

Zdjęcie matki z synem przeglądających książkę.